Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was interesting this year. Spent the day looking for a new truck for my dad. We came home to carve the pumpkins and get the dogs in their little outfits. Jake was an indian, and Duke was a pumpkin. So adorable they were, Jake wanted nothing to do with it, but Duke walked around like nothing was going on. I was able to get them to hold still long enough to take some pictures, but then they decided to play tug of war with their costumes. I came inside to carve the pumpkins, and next thing I know I'm in my dad's truck going to the ER. Somehow I ended up hitting my head on the cabinet edge and landing on the floor. They think it was a seizure with the muscle aching and the hole in my check. I got to spend Halloween in the ER getting staples for a 2 cm laceration. Hopefully I will get insurance soon, and can find out why in the world this happened.

My owie...6 staples!