Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So, I see this trend in blogging for "Thankful Thursday" and "Flashback Friday". Well, I'm always in need of reminding of how blessed I am. So, consider me jumping on this band wagon.

I thought for the 1st one I would go with sappy. Believe it or not, I am very thankful for my family. Yes they drive me nuts, yes I have my issues with them, and yes they are a big pain in my bum....but all 3 of them have fought for their lives and I am lucky to have them. They have supported me through all my ups and downs, let me move back home with 2 cats and a pup, and laughed at me all the times I'm a dork...where we would we be without family???

Thank You
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He was in a major car accident a long LONG time ago that punctured the main artery in running from you heart to your legs. For those times, they didn't have CT, they didn't have the modern advances in medicine to diagnosis it. He very easily could have bled out and died. He has also had to battle for his "spiritual" life. He didn't get serious about church until a trip to Utah that changed him forever.

She has colitis. When I was 18 months old, it has abscessed onto her liver, lungs, and other surrounding organs. Again, for the times she had a 10% survival rate. It should have killed her. She spend months in the hospital fighting for her life, and having to deal with the 1st surgeon that messed things up significantly. She also dragged us kids off to church every Sunday without the help of my dad for 18 years.

He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in Aug of 04. Only 2 months after graduating high school. He spent the next 8 months in and out of UCSF. He was there for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. He has been in remission for 4 years now. He is getting married to his high school sweetheart Kristen in Oct.