Friday, July 4, 2008


July 4th

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th. Hope everyone had a great day and remembered all our military personal out there fighting for our right to celebrate this day. We went to the movies and saw Wall-E, what a great movie. Seriously, go out and see it. You all know how I feel about movie theatres, and I would go back again to see it.

my handsome boy with his patriotic bandana on. Look at that tongue, he had been chasing Jake all over the backyard. Silly boy!! Too bad he doesn't know that the tongue is supposed to hang out the front. What a goof!!

I had been outside working in the yard and watched the lil munchkin that morning. Busy, busy, but thought I would take a sec and take a pic even if it was a crappy one.


Heidi said...

oh hey GF---Happy 4th of July! Heck ya I remember Don Pedro--It was so much fun--I will be out there from July 14 through that weekend ok---so I will call you! See ya,

rawemoments said...

Hi Valerie,
I was so excited to hear from you and get your link, isn't blogging fun, I love how it really helps keep us all in touch. I miss you too and would love to see you - when are you going to teach me how to play the flute?
Keep smiling,
Heidi Rawe
P.S. Your boy is so cute!