Friday, April 10, 2009


Gus with his new hair cut. Christabelle wasn't having anything to do with the camera. Although I don't blame her.

She is so full of energy, but such a sweetheart when she stops moving long enough to pet her.

As you all guessed, the kitten ended up staying. She's been quite a joy to have around, and I think the big cats like to have a play mate once and awhile. The cats got their annual mom can't stand all the shedding hair cuts. Yes they look silly,but I don't have to vaccuum the couches everyday, and I'm not covered in fur. The fish tank is officially "cycled". It has sustained some losses. All of the damsels are dead. Rodney was the last one standing. But, I have moved on. The population consists of a clown fish,anemae,lobster,shrimp, 15 or so hermit crabs, emerald crab,goby, a brittle star fish, 2 snails, and a yellow blob thing. The live rock is finally starting to look a little more alive. I have polps growing on the one. Everyday there is something new.