Thursday, May 29, 2008



dogs playing in the surf.

dad and i over-looking the ocean.

mom and i goofying off

me hanging out with my new pal "Hairy Otter"..*see T-shirt*

me cooking dinner, YES I KNOW HOW TO COOK! :p

mom and i

I went with my parents down to Newbrighton Beach for the week. It was like camping, but with the beach right there. So much fun!! The weather was B-E-A utiful!! Nice fresh air, great view, and I didn't get hurt! WOO HOO for that! Well, there was the slice my thumb wide open the day before, BUT THAT DOESN'T COUNT! The first day we went to my dad's father's grave in Los Gatos. He died before I was born. Then we went around to all our old memories from when we lived in San Jose. The hospital where I was born, our old houses, old schools, and the best pizza place ever Bogeys. The next day we went to Santa Cruz and played around on the Boardwalk. Then went over to Monterey to see my mom's side of the family at the cemetery. It was Memorial Day, had to pay our respects. The other days we just hung out around camp and relaxed. We had some drama across the way, 4 or 5 guys and 2 girls, and the police and park rangers showed up. Duke got to play on the beach and run in the surf. He LOVES the beach!!! All in all it was a great lil trip!!